Founded in January 1993, GF Futures Co., LTD. Is one of the first professional Futures Commission Merchants(FCMs) granted by China Securities Regulatory Commission(CSRC) and registered with the State Administration for Industry and Commerce. With a registered capital of up to RMB 1.3 billion, GF Futures CO.,Ltd is a wholly-owned subsidiary of GF Securities Co.,Ltd . Our head-quarter locates in the city of Guangzhou and distributes services through branches in Beijing, Shanghai, Zhengzhou, Zhuhai, Qingdao, Dailian, Nanning, Fuzhou, Wuhan, Xi’an, Foshan, Dogguan, Zhaoqing, Jiangmen, Zhongshan, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Wuxi, Shenzhen, Shantou, Chengdu, Guiyang, Kunming, Ningbo and Xiamen. GF futures(Hong Kong)CO.,Ltd is a subsidiary company fully owned by GF Futures CO.,Ltd. Its eatablishment was proved bu China Securities Regulatory Commission as one of the first three Futures Commission Merchants(FCMS)to launch business in the Hong Kong market.A network centering in the peal Delta Region and covering all major cities has been initially framed.Our business scale inclubes brokerage service in futures,consulting and assets management in China mainland, Hong Kong as well as global futures and options in commodities, index, foreign exchanges and interest rates.

    Although the depression in the futures industry in recent year has put great pressure on all brokers, since its inception the firm hasstuck to its guidance of "standard, prudent, and positive" to improve firm's fundamentals through expanding scope of businesses and developing new clients.

    With China's entry of WTO, China's economy is gradually merging into world economy with all dimensions.The trend of global economy integration, expansion of international financial market, and shoot of new financial instruments will inevitably interact with activities of financial markets in China. The financial markets of china are growing their presence in global financial market. The futures industry in China riding on these trends, therefore, is obtaining new opportunities of growth.

    GF Futures shouldering responsibility for history and nation boasts to fulfill significant achievements of strengthening our nation and enriching people. We recruited and trained the most intelligent people. Nine percent of our employees have Ph.D degrees, and seventeen percent with Master's degree. During the past ten years, we created, implemented, and improved a set of internal risk control measures and rules in accordance with international standards. Moreover, we specified the risk in connection with the responsibility of employees.

    Those measures greatly contribute to our safe operation. Furthermore, the Enterprise Resource Plan (ERP) we are implementing not only meets CSRC's requirements and interna-tional standards but differentiates our competitive edge as well.

    Since we moved to the new building located in WuYangXinCheng, where most ofbrokers in South of China prosper, we have increased investment in hardware and adopted the cutting-edge technology to redesign our computer network. The new integrated trading and clearing systems satisfy the most estrict requirement for efficiency and security in the world. The DDN line provides real-time quotes and trades to headquarter and branches simultaneously. Our trading and clearing systems thus enhance our competence to compete with international peers.

    In addition, we have signed China Industry and Commerce Bank for extensive co-operations including segregated margin accounts management in the bank, E-banking transfer between accounts in our firm and accounts in several banks, and direct money transfer through E-banking or margin deposit through banks nationwide.

    Also, we devote to develop long-term relationship with clients. Our excellent services will increase the probability of high growth of your wealth. The smartest brokers, sophisticated research, and dedicated CRM system render GF Futures better serve investors.

    GF Futures is a unique member of GuangDong Securities Association as a futures brokerage house; vice president committee of Futures Industry commission of "Asia Capital Forum".

    Our firm is one of the best companies among peers with sufficient capital, high assets quality, and excellent credit history.

    We move ahead with high confidence and optimism about our outlook. We will stick our strategy to achieve our long-term objective to become one of the world's leading futures financial services companies and provide a variety of financial management and advisory services.



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